Hack to the Future: 2.007 Robot Competition

May 7, 2015, 6pm, Johnson Ice Rink, MIT
















The 2.007 robot competition celebrates the best of MechE culture, combining passion and creativity with the MIT motto mens et manus (mind and hand). This year, students are competing head to head in Hack to the Future, building robots that are capable of collecting Plutonium, climbing the Clock Tower, sliding Doc Brown down the cable, and opening the DeLorean door.

2.007, originally called 2.70, is legendary in the history of engineering education. Professor Emeritus Woodie Flowers, who continues to advocate tirelessly for hands-on education and the importance of adding an element of fun, triggered a domino effect across the country with his lively version of 2.70 in the early 1970s. Soon after, engineering programs everywhere were emulating his approach, including FIRST Robotics.

MISSED LAST YEAR'S EVENT? WATCH IT HERE: http://webcast.amps.ms.mit.edu/spr2014/2.007/index-VOD-FIN.html


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